This portfolio consist of work done in the last 5 years, mostly designed by out-side agencies but developed and / or maintained by myself.

Each item contains a detailed description about a history of the work and the team members involved. Depending on the assignment, I was either the team lead, the sole developer, or the project manager and eventual owner of the site / platform. Not all of the sites presented made it to production, but are interesting in their own right.

Several of these sites have been in operation for years, and their present state may have changed since I was involved in their lifecycle.

Professional Work

Drupal Contributions

Sherpa Webform - Drupal Module
Drupal Profile

TEDx Presentation

Back in 2013 I was elected by members of the IT community at Janssen R&D to give a presentation at the 2013 TEDx J&J Spring House event (I received nearly 10x more votes than any other employee). In this presentation I compare the development of German industrial design in the 19th and 20th century and how it contributed to the expansion of export trade, and compared this to application interface design in a corporate enterprise and how it improves productivity.